NŒRDMAN goes public

In the years 2019/20 Nœrdman was a regular part of the Stadtmagazin Bremen "Puzzle and Comic Page".
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NŒRDMAN over the air

Radio Bremen 2 | Feb. 2018
For many people in Bremen, Radio Bremen is of major importance in regional radio broadcasting. Kerstin Burlage visited us and interviewed us on NŒRDMAN.

Radio Bremen 4 | Feb. 2018
University of Bremen Comic
"NŒRDMAN" explains the internet. For some people, the internet world is new, with intangible dimensions. There, the Nœrdman comes into play. A bit geeky, a bit Nordic, on any account with a great deal of humor, he explains the unknown world to his fellows. Malte Janssen from Radio Bremen 4 interviewed Rolf Drechsler.

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German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Website | Feb. 2018
NŒRDMAN Comic online
For all of us enjoying web comics on technology, geeks, and the North, we present a new comic each Monday.
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Late summer 2018
The funny world of geeks - a six pages article in the Stadtteil-Magazins Findorff and Horn. (German only)

A dpa press release caused a wave of news. Here are some of them:

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This project was supported by the Sparkasse Bremen initiative "Bremen macht Helden".

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Jannis Stoppe (left) and Rolf Drechsler (right)
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The four NŒRDMAN characters
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